Welcome to the Competence Center Personalized Medicine in Zurich

DNA Sequencing has changed biomedical research. Now focus is on Medicine: Routine genetic analysis shall make patient-tailored therapies standard. With the new Competence Center Personalized Medicine the University Zurich and ETH Zurich aim for taking a leadership role in the field of Personalized Medicine.

Z-Met: The Zurich Metastasis Project

Metastases are the most common cause of cancer-related death. The Z-Met project is a collaborative effort among clinicians, basic biomedical researchers, and computational scientists to understand how the genomic heterogeneity of tumors drives cancer progression, metastasis formation, and therapeutic resistance. The project encompasses several cancer types, including melanoma, renal cell carcinoma, prostate, breast, and pancreatic cancer, and it involves the development and application of cutting edge technologies, such as single-cell genomics, genome engineering, and computational methods for large-scale clinical and genomic data integration. Patients will benefit from Z-Met not only through novel insights that lead to improved treatment in the future, but also through direct use of the genomic data for treatment decisions in the molecular tumor board. Z-Met aims at generating a unique data set that will be shared among researchers to decipher the genomic basis of metastasis formation and treatment response.


  • This year's retreat will take place on November 2nd in Zurich Center and will last one day. Please save this date. More information to come.

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  • Our CC-PM chair Niko Beerenwinkel and his colleagues at the D-BSSE have received, together with the group of Nicola Aceto from the University of Basel, a new grant. This grant aims to support and extend cooperation between the D-BSSE and the University of Basel. The project, entitled: “Dissecting the heterogeneity of human circulating tumor cell clusters through single-cell parallel exome and transcriptome sequencing”, will enable them to investigate the variation of circulating tumor cells in the blood in unprecedented detail.

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  • The next MTB / CC-PM Retreat will take place in Kartause Ittingen (TG) the 30th and 31st October 2016.

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